Understanding the Causes of Edema and How to Overcome It

Edema is swelling in the limbs that occurs due to accumulation of fluid in the tissues. Some areas of the body that are easily recognized when experiencing edema are the hands, arms, legs and ankles. Edema indicates a leak of body fluids through the walls of blood vessels. This fluid then builds up in the surrounding tissue and causes swelling. In addition to swelling, edema also has a characteristic form of skin that looks stretched. When pressed, will form a hollow in the skin which returns to the old position all the longer. While edema in the abdominal cavity, will cause the stomach to appear enlarged. There are several risk factors for someone experiencing edema. Among these are pregnancy, consumption of certain drugs, as well as chronic diseases, such as congestive heart failure, liver disease, and kidney disease. Various Factors That Cause Edema In mild cases, edema often results from prolonged sitting or standing in the same position. In addition, edema can occur due to c
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